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Carnival of Money Stories Edition #78

Posted by Andy on September 23, 2008

Hey Everyone, this weeks edition of Carnival of Money Stories #78 will be postponed til next week. So please stay tuned and check the schedule for updates on where the next edition will be hosted.

We are currrently looking for more hosts for the carnival. If you meet the requirements and also want to give hosting a shot, please send me an email at carnivalofmoneystories ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com.

Everyone have a great week.


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Carnival of Money Stories #41

Posted by Andy on January 8, 2008

I hope everyone has made their New Years Resolutions already, cause I know this year is going to fly by real quick. I can’t believe how fast time is going by, we just had our one year anniversary edition over at Money Walks and before I know it our second year edition will be here tomorrow.

Well anyway, welcome to the 41th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories. We had over 50 submissions this week and 19 of em made it to this edition. While most of the submissions were excellent articles, they were not included because it was either not money stories or the article was too old. Take minute to review the about page for the submission guideline(very quick and short).

Like always I enjoyed reading through all the great stories in this edition so take your time to review them and don’t forget to mention your favorites in your weekly recaps. Now on with the carnival (in order that they were received).

  1. Me, My Kid and Life on Finding your Special Talent.
  2. How I Save Money and her experience with Lasik Eye Surgery.
  3. The Personal financier says Doing it Yourself Doesn’t always pay.
  4. Cathy Stucker asks What Does Money Mean to You?
  5. Don’t Mess With Taxes on How They Almost Made Seven Thousand Dollar Mistake.
  6. WorldWide Success and their article on Success Stories from Homeless to Millionaire.
  7. Free Money Finance and their Christmas Gifts.
  8. Debt Reduction Formula and The Financial Setback.
  9. Stop the Ride presents When You’re On The Same Page.
  10. The Financial Blogger , Losing Money and Learn.
  11. My Dollar plan and His Asset Allocation.
  12. The Real Returns and The Cost of Owning a Car.
  13. Paid Twice on Self Worth and a Piece of Plastic.
  14. Being Frugal and Their Yearly Recap.
  15. Smart Money Daily and Garage Sales.
  16. Money Blue Book’s Net Worth.
  17. College of Cash and The After Graduation Job Search.
  18. Early Retirement Extreme Explains What it Means When You’re too Young to Retire.
  19. KCLau’s Money Tips Shares How Hard Life is In Taipei.

So that concludes this edition of the Carnival of Money Stories. Big thanks to all the submitters for their hard work. You can submit your stories to the next edition of the Carnival of Money Stories here. If you are interested in hosting, you can send an email to carnivalofmoneystories(at)gmail(dot)com.

Have a great week!

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