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Carnival of Money Stories Edition 57

Posted by Andy on April 29, 2008

Welcome to the 57th Edition of the Carnival of Money Stories.

First off, let me start off by apologizing for the lateness in posting this weeks edition. I usually like to have te carnival up and running early in the morning but this past week has been one heck of a busy week, especially these last two days.

So onto this weeks edition, there were over 60 money stories submissions and 21 articles made it to this weeks cut. No, it’s not that I’m mean, its just that a lot of the articles are not following submission guidelines. Please refer to the guideline.

Well lets cut to the chase..

Editors Choice:

It’s Only Money @ My Daily Dollars

The Pain of Debt @ Until Debt Do Us Part

Serious Savers Who Died Very Wealthy @ The Digerati Life

You Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy @ Harvesting Dollars

Other great articles:

Why Bulls and Bears @ The Personal Financier

How NOT to Handle Inheritance @ Family and Finances

Creating a Better Standard of Living for your Family @ 1SiliconValley

Coupons @ Funny about Money

The Financial Chaos Theory Applied @ The Financial Blogger

Arguments For And Against Carrying Multiple Reward Credit Cards @ Money Blue Book

Feeling out of Touch @ Be Thrifty Like Us

Your Cable Company is Ripping you Off @ Amateur Asset Allocator

My Husband Had a Date With Another Woman @ Are you Going to be Like Way the Rest of the Time I know You

Appealing our Property Tax Re-Assessment @ Five Cent Nickel

Is Tripple A Worth the Money? @ The Happy Rock

Why I Sold my Apple Shares Today @ Free Stock Market Investing Tips

Why I’m Not Buying a New Lawnmower This Year Either @ Think Your Way to Wealth

Uh Oh, Our 529 Goes First to Worst—Now What? @ Can I Get Rich On Salary

Being Unorganized Costs Money @ My Small Cents

Why Do You Shop? @ The DebtFree Playbook Blog

You can make money online: Dr Irfan Khairi @ Temp 2 Escape

So thats it for this weeks edition. As always, I had a great time reading all the submissions. I look forward to reading your articles in our next weeks 58th Edition which will be hosted over at Free From Broke. You can submit your articles using this form.

If you are interested in hosting a future edition of the Carnival of Money Stories, please send an email to carnivalofmoneystories (at) gmail (dot) com or simply leave a comment anywhere on the blog. Thanks to all the contributor to the carnival, keep those awesome stories coming!


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