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Carnival of Money Stories #39

Posted by Andy on December 25, 2007

Hi there, the 39th carnival of Money Stories was hosted by Time to Budget last week. Here are some stories from the last edition.

  1. Gather Little by Little presents Chase Doesn’t  Really Love Me They Just Act Like It.
  2. This Wasn’t In The Plan shares The Story of their Emergency Fund.
  3. Fire Finance and their 7 Mutual Funds Investing Mistakes.
  4. Brip Blap and Learning to Walks Away.
  5. Smart Money Daily with Six True Stories.

Don’t miss out our next edition of the Carnival of Money Stories, the one year anniversary edition. Big thanks to Time to Budget for hosting. Have a Merry Chirstmas!


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Carnival of Money Stories #37 and #38

Posted by Andy on December 14, 2007

Hi guys, sorry I’ve been slacking on the posts here. It’s finals time and things are super duperly hectic for me. Here are the some posts from the Carnival of Money Stories Edition # 37 and Edition #38.

From edition #37…

  1. Me, My Kid and Life presents Being Frugal in France.
  2. I am for Eternity presents I dare to win, no matter what.
  3. MoneyNing brings us Billionaire Investment Guru within me called Billy.
  4. Money Blue Book says Make Money By Letting Scientists Experiment on You.

From edition #38…

Editors Choice:

  1. Being Frugal presents Unemployment, Tithing, and God’s Provision.
  2. Smart Money Daily shares Six True Stories of People Who Found Cash and Turned it In.
  3. The bagLady presents The Cost of Living in Paradise Redux.
  4. The Divident Guy gives us Watching My Dividend Payment Grow Year After Year.
  5. Credit Withdraw presents Losing My(Investing) Virginity.
  6. My Dollar Plan and Creating a Special Needs Trust.

Thats it. Please submit your stories to the blog carnival form here. The next edition of the Carnival of Money Stories will be hosted by Time to Budget. Submit your stories by 5:00PM by Monday Eastern time to be considered for the next edition. As always if you are interested in hosting a future edition of the Carnival of Money Stories please send me an email to carnivalofmoneystories(at)gmail(dot)com. Final thanks for Loonies And Sense and Cash Money Life for hosting, great job everyone!

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