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Carnival of Money Stories #33 – Autumn Beauty

Posted by Andy on November 8, 2007

This weeks edition of the Carnival of Money Stories was hosted over at Moolanomy. Big thanks to Pinyo for the job well done. The carnival is well organized into sections so you’ll find it really easy to go over. Hurry over and check out the 33rd edition of the carnival of money stories.

Editors Picks:

  1. Dough Roller on What a Financially Painful Childhood Can Teach You.
  2. Glblguy on To Whomever Stole my Debit Card.
  3. A Penny Closer on Don’t Get Me Anything,You Better Get Me a Gift.
  4. Millionaire Mommy on Irrational Housing Prices steal Early Retirement Plans Away From Friends.
  5. Super Saver on Our Journey To Financial Freedom.
  6. Mad Kane’s Humor Blog on Charge.

Check out the rest of the articles here. Our next edition will be hosted over at and the deadline for submissions is Monday 5:00PM Eastern Time. So start sending in your money stories using this form or you can email them to carnivalofmoneystories(at)gmail(dot)com. See you guys next week, have a great day.


One Response to “Carnival of Money Stories #33 – Autumn Beauty”

  1. Pinyo said

    Andy, thank you for the opportunity to host this fine carnival.

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