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Carnival of Money Stories #22

Posted by Andy on August 21, 2007

Welcome to the 22nd edition of the Carnival of Money Stories. This week, we had a total of 38 submissions and 12 made it to this edition. There were tons of great articles that were submitted but if it did not have a personal story or experience behind it, it was not included. Well lets not waste any more time, here are the articles for the week. I had a great time reading all these articles, they were all good.

Money Dummy on “Garage Sale karma

Fit Buff wrote “Free Water, What a Novel Idea

Mortgage Blog shares their experience “Getting my First Mortgage

Moolamony talks about their “Powerful Life Experience about Money

Money Changes Things on “The ‘A’ List

Bryan C. Fleming on “Buying into a Down Stock Market

INTJ Personal Development shares their “Seven Mistakes In One Day

The Digerati Life tells us to “Avoid A Bitter Family Feud

My Wealth Builder explains “Signs of Being Considered For Promotion

Money and Such on “37,500 Miles and One Robot

Small Business Lessons writes on their “My Day-Trading Lessons

Fire Finance on “Tipping Guidelines

So that’s it for this edition of the carnival. I want to thank everyone for their awesome articles and keep up the great work. Please take the time to highlight some of these articles and share them with your readers.

Also if you are interested in hosting a future edition of the Carnival of Money Stories please send an email to moneywalks(at)gmail(dot)com. Have a great week.


5 Responses to “Carnival of Money Stories #22”

  1. Thanks for hosting and including our post on “Tipping Guidelines”.
    FIRE Finance

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