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Carnival of Money Stories #18

Posted by Andy on July 27, 2007

The carnival was hosted by Sushi Money last week on July 16th. Check it out. The host did an awesome job!

Here is a taste of the carnival.

  1. Millionaire Mommy from Millionaire Mommy Next Door explains how she became a millionaire.
  2. Lazy Man from Lazy Man Money shares his experience on the cost of his wedding.
  3. Betsy from Money Changes Things wrote about her garage door opener.

I want to thank all the contributors for all the great articles and also a big thanks to the host. Please check out the carnival and also while you’re there take a look around the site and subscribe to his feed.

As for the carnival that was supposed to be hosted this past Monday, all the submissions will be added to the next upcoming week over at Dough Roller on 07/31. You can submit your submissions here.


One Response to “Carnival of Money Stories #18”

  1. Thanks for the mention of my submitted post!

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