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Carnival of Money Stories edition 16 and 17

Posted by Andy on July 10, 2007

The last two editions of the Carnival of Money Stories has been hosted over at My New Choice and A penny Saved. Please take the time to go over to the carnivals and check them out.

Some articles from the 16th edition:

  1. MoneyNing  shares their experience with My Perfect Money Saving Deal Gone Bad.
  2. Personal Finance Blog shares with us his Top Strategy For Saving Money.
  3. Marc and Angel explains When Buying a Car With a Credit Card Makes Cents.

..from the 17th edition:

  1. Active Duty Military Money and Matters writes his experience with USAA Again.
  2.  My Wealth Builder on My Daughter’s Currency.

I want to thank the hosts for their excellent jobs on these two past carnivals. Don’t forget to get your article in for the next edition which will be hosted at Sushi Money on 07/16/07. You can submit through here.


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