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Carnival of Money Stories #14 and #15

Posted by Andy on June 29, 2007

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been able to post the last two carnivals on here like I usually do. I’ve been quite busy over this past week. So I’m going to do a quick round up on both editions 14 and 15 here. These are the articles that caught me eye, check em out.

Starting with Frugal Law Student (edition #14)

  1. Free Money Finance submitted a piece called “Making Sears Pay
  2. Ask Mr. Credit Card on “My First Stock Investment
  3. The Dough Roller talks about his experience “Raising Quicken Kids

and from Retire Young and Wealthy (edition #15)

  1. MoneyNing wonders whether or not they “Spend too Much Time Saving
  2. Money Changes Things shares her experience on “My Ethic Reward:$300
  3. Sound of Gold on “Jumping into Thai Real Estate Market Head First

I want to thank the hosts for taking the time and effort to putting these carnivals together. While you’re looking over these carnivals, also take the time to browse around their site. They each have great tips and suggestions.

Anyway, greats posts guys, keep sending us your money stories. You can submit your articles to blogcarnival for the next upcoming edition which will be hosted at My New Choice.


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